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Warren County Schools Reopen to Full In-Person Learning March 1

Facebook/Warren County Public Schools

Warren County Public Schools will return to full in-person classes on March 1 for K-12 students. 

Superintendent Rob Clayton said in a 'Reopening Update' on Facebook Liveon Tuesday that in-person instruction will be Monday through Thursday, with Friday as a virtual learning day for all students. 

Clayton explained why the district is approaching Fridays this way.

"Throughout the school year, we have used this time to collaborate with colleagues, address learning gaps through small group instruction, conduct home visits, and other activities designed to support our students throughout this challenging time,” Clayton said.

The superintendent said that students who choose not to attend in-person can remain in, or switch to, the Virtual Academy. 

As the schools prepare for full in-person instruction, Clayton said the district continues to deal with the impact of the pandemic on staff members, with many currently receiving COVID-19 vaccinations. For that reason, Feb. 10 and 11 will be distance learning days. 

“Based upon the number of individuals who have developed significant symptoms from their second shot, we find this to be the best decision under these circumstances,” Clayton said.

The decision by Warren County Public Schools to reopen in-person classes is in line with Bowling Green Independent Schools,which announced a transition to full in-person learning on March 2 for students in grades K-through 12.

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