WKU Public Radio Governance

The governing body of Western Kentucky University, and WKU Public Radio, is an 11 member Board of Regents. Eight of the members are appointed by the Governor from among nominees submitted by a nominating commission. These members serve up to two six-year terms.

Faculty and staff representatives are elected by their peers to three-year terms. The student representative is the President of the Student Government Association and is elected to a one-year term.

All members have voting privileges:

Dr. Phillip W. Bale, Chair

Ms. Linda G. Ball, Regent

Ms. Julie Harris Hinson, Regent

Mr. Frederick A. Higdon, Secretary 

Mr. Gillard B. Johnson, Vice Chair

Mr. J. David Porter, Regent

Mr. Stephen Mayer, Student Regent

Mr. Jason McKinney, Regent

Mr. John W. Ridley, Regent

Dr. Claus Ernst, Faculty Regent

Mr. George Nichols III, Regent

Mr. David Brinkley, Staff Regent

You can find the WKU Board of Regents open meetings schedule here.

2014-2018 Meeting Schedule / Agendas*

Unless otherwise noted, board meetings take place in the Cornelius A. Martin Regents Room located on the second floor of the Mass Media and Technology Hall (Jody Richards Hall)

Quarterly Meetings

Committee Meetings