Warren Co. Public Schools Leader Won't Recommend 'Do Over' Year

May 13, 2021

Credit Jess Clark

The head of Warren County Public Schools says he doesn’t support the district offering students a “do over” school year

Kentucky lawmakers approved legislation this year allowing students to apply for an extra year to retake courses in response to school disruptions related to the pandemic.  The decision whether to give students the supplemental year was left up to local school boards, but the decision would have to apply uniformly for all requests.  

WCPS Superintendent Rob Clayton said those decisions are best made at the school level on an individual basis.

“Anytime a parent wishes to consider retaining their student, we engage in conversations to look at both the positives and potential unintended consequences," explained Clayton. "My primary concern with the bill is the fact that it’s all or none.”

Clayton says there were just over 60 applicants districtwide, and some of them have changed their minds after getting more information.  The Warren County school board will vote on the Supplemental School Program on May 20.

Earlier this week, the Bowling Green Independent School District's board of education voted not to offer its students a “do over” year after receiving only 23 requests.  Both school systems say additional student support will still be available on a case by case basis.

All local school boards in Kentucky have until June 1 to decide whether to accept all or none of the requests.