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In Effort to Combat Overdose Deaths, Health Dept. Offering Naloxone Kits, Training

Flickr/Creative Commons/OpenFile Vancour

The Muhlenberg County Health Departmentis providing free Naloxone kits and training for those wanting to learn how to help people who have overdosed on opioids.

Carolyn Bullock works at the health department, and says the nasal kits are designed to be an easy and quick way for family, friends, and first responders to provide life-saving help to someone who overdosed.

“It attaches to the same part of the brain as the opioid, so it blocks their effect for about 30 to 90 minutes, and gives you time to get them emergency help, and it reverses the symptoms that would otherwise lead to death.”

Those wanting to learn how to administer Naloxone can attend one of two virtual information sessions being offered by the health department on Thursday.

Bullock says those wanting the training and naloxone kits can attend the virtual sessions without giving their name. Those who complete one of the training sessions will have a free naloxone kit mailed to them.

Bullock says the nasal kits are designed to be used by anyone who discovers a person who’s overdosed.

“I think that’s ideal, especially in an emergency situation, you’re doing something you’ve never done before, you’re nervous. If you can use a bottle of Afrin, or any type of nasal spray, then you can do this.”

Those wanting more information about Thursday’s virtual sessions can find that here.

Kevin is the News Director at WKU Public Radio. He has been with the station since 1999, and was previously the Assistant News Director, and also served as local host of Morning Edition.
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