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Warren County Seeing Surge in COVID-19 as State Begins Reopening

City of Bowling Green

Warren County has become a hot spot for COVID-19 at the same time the state is working on a phased-in reopening of the economy. The county has 709confirmed coronavirus cases as of Wednesday evening.

The Bowling Green coronavirus task force believes there are a couple of reasons for the increase. Warren County is administering more coronavirus tests, and it has increased locations for the screening of the virus. Brian “Slim” Nash is a Bowling Green City Commissioner and member of the local coronavirus task force.

“So increased testing is the first reason I believe we have an uptick in the number of positive cases in Warren County,” he said. “The second, and I believe the second is more important than the first, I believe that it’s behavior.”

Nash said he’s personally seen people ignoring the recommended precautions while out in public in Bowling Green. 

“One of the things that personally scares me is based upon my understanding, we need 95% compliance in order for the virus to be defeated,” he said.   

Nash said while it will be difficult to get that much of the community to avoid large gatherings, wear masks, and wash or sanitize their hands often, he remains hopeful that residents will follow guidance on social distancing and personal hygiene. 

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