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Arts for All Kentucky Takes Lessons Online after COVID-19 Shuts Down Classrooms

Arts for All Kentucky

A nonprofit group that sends artists into Kentucky classrooms is adapting to the reality of schools being closed because of COVID-19.

The arts inclusion program has transitioned to 'virtual learning' and is available to anyone who wants to expand their creative skills.

Arts for All Kentucky works with about a dozen artists who bring music, drawing, painting, quilting and other creative experiences into classrooms.

The activities are developed with the priority of engaging those with disabilities, but the classroom experience includes all students.

Now those “teaching artists” are transforming their projects into videos posted onthe Arts for All Kentuckywebsite.Executive Director Delaire Rowe says one silver lining in this challenging time of the coronavirus is that it’s creating new opportunities for anyone who might want to learn new artistic skills.

“I think that this is just another way to make what we do accessible. And that’s kind of ironic in a way, because we’re about accessibility," said Rowe. "We are trying to make the arts accessible to everyone.”

So far, the video lessons posted are on self-portraits, impressionism, barn quilts, murals and buddy benches, with videos on other art forms in production.

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