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Warren County Schools See Decrease in Quarantines Following Mask Mandate

Rhonda J. Miller

As schools struggle to continue in-person learning as COVID-19 surges across the nation, one school district in southern Kentucky is reporting a decrease in the number of students and staff in quarantine two weeks after a mask mandate went into effect.

Warren County Public Schools Superintendent Rob Clayton said in a news conference Tuesday that the numbers are down substantially from the 1,800 students in quarantine last week.

“We’re at 834 students that are quarantined due to a potential contact exposure at school," Clayton said. "We do not have any staff that are quarantined due to a school contact. However, we have about 100 across the district that are required to quarantine."Clayton said those 100 employees are in quarantine due to a household or community contact.

The superintendent said there are currently 247 active cases of COVID-19 involving Warren County students and 25 among staff.

The school district does not require a negative COVID test after the quarantine period if the person does not have symptoms of the virus.

Clayton said at least 60% of school emplyoyees are vaccinated and the district continues to enourage vaccinations. 

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