KSP Officials Issue Reminders About New Concealed Carry Law

Jul 8, 2019

Credit Flickr/Creative Commons/James Case

The Kentucky State Police agency says it’s not taking a position for, or against, a new law that allows citizens to carry a concealed firearm without a permit.  KSP is, however, issuing some advice. 

KSP is encouraging Kentuckians to do some homework before traveling to other states.  The new law may not apply elsewhere, and if stopped by police in other states, Kentuckians could be subject to arrest.  Sergeant Josh Lawson says most, if not all, of Kentucky’s surrounding states still require a permit for concealed carry.

While not required, Lawson suggests that citizens coming in contact police in Kentucky, alert the officers if they’re carrying without a permit.

“We’re there for public safety, but we also have to be concerned with officer safety, and surprises about seeing a firearm concealed on a person are never a good idea when having those interactions," stated Lawson.

State police have been fielding a lot of calls about the new concealed carry law since it took effect on June 28.  More information is available at kentuckystatepolice.org.ccdw/.