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Kentucky Commissioner for Department of Criminal Justice Training Discusses Priorities

Kentucky Law Enforcement Magazine

Kentucky’s new Commissioner for the Department of Criminal Justice Training says he’s focused on preparing new and future law enforcement officers to safely deal with the opioid crisis. Payne said officers have to be careful when handling drugs such as fentanyl because they can become ill if their skin comes in contact with the substance.

“Nowadays that mistake can kill you because of things like fentanyl. So there’s all kinds of dangers, new dangers, because of drugs that we have to prepare these young people for and that’s sad,” he said.  


Payne said another challenge facing law enforcement is recruitment. The Commissioner said attracting new officers is a problem in Kentucky and across the country. He said that could be because other careers are more attractive.

“Mostly I think there’s a lot of other jobs you can get out here that actually pay really well that you don’t have to carry a gun and a badge for a living,” he said.


Payne has more than 30 years of experience in law enforcement and was the Deputy Commissioner of the Kentucky State Police for the past two years. The Department of Criminal Justice Training is responsible for training current and future law enforcement officers across the Commonwealth.

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