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Kentucky Gov. Says Up to 6% of State’s Vaccination Numbers May Be Duplicates

J. Tyler Franklin

Last week, Gov. Andy Beshear said some vaccinations in Kentucky have likely been  overcounted due to reporting that counted numbers twice. 

On Monday, Beshear said the state will have an updated count on Thursday.

“One of the major chains was entering data in two different ways resulting in duplications that wasn’t caught in the federal system,” Beshear said. “What we think that could mean is up to a couple hundred thousand first doses being duplications in our numbers —  potentially, up to 5% of our overall numbers, maybe even close to 6% — being duplications.” 

The state continues to see a decline in hospitalizations and cases. Over the last seven days, the number of people hospitalized for the virus has decreased by 20%. But deaths have yet to slow. 

Beshear reported that federal funds are now available to help cover COVID related funeral costs. The Federal Emergency Management Agency can reimburse people for a number of expenses like caskets, plots, cremations and headstones. 

“So to be eligible, the death has to have occurred in the United States death certificate must indicate the death was attributed to or caused by COVID-19. That’s just one of the causes that are listed,” said Beshear. 

Applicants have to be U.S. citizens, but the funds may pay for funeral expenses related to COVID-19 deaths, regardless of citizenship.

“So in other words, if you’re a US citizen with a foreign born parent, say, who didn’t become a US citizen and passed away here in the States due to COVID, you can apply,” Beshear said.

Kentucky reported 544 new cases of the virus and 23 new deaths on Monday. The positivity rate is 5.84%. 


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