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Kentucky Senate President Plans Vaccine Incentives In Clay County

LRC Public Information

Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers announced a plan to incentivize the COVID-19 vaccine in his home of Clay County.

About 30 local leaders including ministers, judges, teachers and a cheerleading coach provided pro-vaccine testimonials. The group will promote the vaccine via flyers and digital campaigns.

In addition, 13 vaccine clinics will be set up in the area offering prizes and raffle entry in exchange for getting the vaccine. 

Schools in Clay County will be able to compete with each other to win $6,000 in new athletic equipment.

Stivers, a Republican from Manchester, stressed throughout the press conference that this wasn’t a mandate. He said that he does not believe that blanket mandates work.

Stivers’ announcement about working with local leaders to promote the vaccine in their communities comes after weeks of Gov. Andy Beshear asking for just that.

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