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Tennessee Counties Transitioning To More Sophisticated Vaccine Appointment System

Montgomery County Health Department

Tennessee counties are saying goodbye to Signup Genius. Local health departments have been relying on the free scheduling website to coordinate COVID-19 vaccination appointments. But the state has now launched a customized online scheduling tool.

Cathy Montgomery leads the Williamson County Health Department, which is training on the system now and making the switch March 15. Nurses will now be armed with iPads accessing the patient information as they administered doses, she says.

“The system has a lot of tremendous features that we hope will certainly improve our processes and make things go a little bit faster for us,” Montgomery said during an online forum Friday.

People will now be able to choose a date and time for their vaccination, and enter their demographic information, which was being done by staff. The system is linked directly with the existing Tennessee Immunization Information System and will help local health departments keep better track of how many doses they have left to offer.

Counties are moving at their own pace. Tennessee residents can access all of their appointment links — whether new or old systems — here. But state health officials say those who are already on a waitlist do not need to re-register for an appointment.

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