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Ft. Campbell Nurse Says She's Confident Around COVID Patients Following Her Vaccination

Amber Givens

As many Americans wait to get their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, a nurse at Ft. Campbell is reflecting on what it was like to recently get her second dose. 

Amber Givens got the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Jan. 7. The only reaction she had to that shot was a sore arm.

Givens said she received the booster dose on Jan. 28.

“I had a worse-feeling arm this time. It was more sore than it was in the first vaccine. I also had a headache, chills and muscle aching,” said Givens. She also had a low-grade fever that topped out at 99.6.

Despite the reactions to the booster, Givens says she’s glad that she was able to be vaccinated because she works with COVID patients.

“I feel very excited and I’m very happy and relieved because now I feel a little bit more confident walking into the rooms where I have to take of a patient that has COVID,” she said.

Credit Amber Givens

Givens, 38, is a 2016 graduate of Western Kentucky University and has been a nurse for four years.

She planned to be an opera singer until she decided to go to nursing school so she could help people in a more direct way. 

She works at the same Ft. Campbell hospital as her mother, who is also a nurse. She has two sisters who are also nurses.

Givens is from Muhlenberg County and lives in Central City.

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