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Bus Drivers Deliver Meals to Warren County Students as Coronavirus Closes Schools

Rhonda J. Miller

With schools closed across Kentucky, Warren County is among many districts making sure students get their breakfast and lunch while life is turned upside down because of coronavirus.

Many school bus drivers are delivering food to neighborhoods and trying to make life better during this global crisis.

Warren County school bus drivers Marvin Beresford and Ed Swinney are a team bringing meals to students while schools are closed.

The bus had coolers filled with bag lunches on Tuesday that included milk, a ham sandwich, an apple, and fresh carrots. 

Beresford, who wore gloves in line with safety precautions, said this is a little different than their usual job.

"We picked up our lunches at Lost River Elementary School at 9:00," said Beresford. "Both Ed and I, we drive longer neighborhood routes, so we’ve been knocking on our students’ doors and just about every one of them has been home and are very excited to receive the meal.”

As Beresford brought a bag lunch to a house on a cul de sac, he stopped to reflect on one way to bring a positive light to this stressful time.

He said the U.S. is taking action on the lessons learned in China, about how the coronavirus is most dangerous, even deadly, for the elderly.

“I like the way the community has sacrificed their freedom in order to save our elderly, basically," said Beresford.

"I love the way our community in Bowling Green is getting behind this. I think it’s a team effort, a community building situation.”

Beresford said the meals for students are packed by school district personnel who are maintaining strict health standards to make sure everyone is safe and the children keep getting the nutritious meals they need.

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