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Henderson and Daviess County Schools Will Soon Decide on 'Do-Over' School Year

Sonja Byrd

School districts across Kentucky have to decide by June 1 if they will have a “do-over” year to give students a chance to make up for the academic losses caused by the changing schedules and virtual learning during the pandemic.  

Decisions are being made soon at two school districts in western Kentucky. 

The opportunity for a “do-over” year comes under Kentucky Senate Bill 128, officially called the Supplemental School Year Program, that was contained in a bill signed by Governor Andy Beshear in March.

Students had to request the do-over year by May 1. 

Henderson County Schools spokesperson Megan Mortis said the district has that issue in-progress now.

“We had about 20 requests and they did vary from elementary, middle to high school. Those will be shared with our board of education," said Mortis. "Then in our board meeting on May 17, our board members will review them and make a decision on whether to approve those requests from Senate Bill 128.”

Other districts that will soon make the decision include Daviess County Public Schools, where there are currently requests from 25 students. The majority are in high school, although there are some from middle and elementary school. 

The Daviess County Board of Education is expected to vote on the supplemental school year at its meeting on May 20. 

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