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Owensboro Coffee Shop Going to Full Capacity June 11 as Kentucky Ends COVID-19 Restrictions

The Creme Coffee House

A coffee shop in Owensboro is among businesses across Kentucky preparing for Friday’s return to full capacity, as the state emerges from the shadow of COVID-19 with vaccines readily available and the number of cases dramatically reduced. 

One young owner took a big risk when she bought a small Daviess County business in the midst of the pandemic and guided it through the economic and emotional turmoil of the past year. 

Brooklyn Patterson became owner of The Creme Coffee House in May 2020. It was a time when many small businesses were wiped out as a result of mandated closures, limited capacity and COVID-19 ravaging families and communities. 

She bought the coffee shop when the previous owner, her father, Adam Patterson, moved to Texas.

Patterson said her youth gave her the courage and freedom to take on the responsibility of owning a small business in the midst of a crisis. 

“I’m 21 and at the time, I was 20,” said Patterson. “I was just kind of like, I have my whole life ahead of me and better to take the risk now than later, so I went ahead and did it.”

At times, capacity limitations meant the coffee shop could only serve 20 inside and struggled to survive. Patterson added grab-and-go options, curbside pick-up and delivery by Door Dash. 

“I think the biggest thing that kept me open was the fact that I am so young, and I don’t have most of the bills that the older, more established people have, like a house mortgage and all those things. And it was just mostly me that worked.”

She said a couple of other employees helped the shop keep open during the pandemic, and now she’s up to seven employees. 

They’ll be available to serve customers at outdoor seating, and starting Friday those employees can also welcome a full capacity of 60 people - indoors.

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