Rand Paul's Wife Pens Op-Ed on Violence and Threats Against Lawmakers

Oct 4, 2018

Kelley Paul, wife of U.S. Senator Rand Paul, does an interview in the studios of WKU Public Radio.
Credit WKU Public Radio

The wife of Republican U.S. Senator Rand Paul says her family has endured violence and threats at a “horrifying level” over the last 18 months. 

Kelley Paul is blaming some of the acts on comments from one of her husband’s Senate colleagues. 

In an op-ed for CNN, Mrs. Paul asks Senator Cory Booker to retract comments he made urging activists to “get up in the face of some congresspeople." 

She calls on the New Jersey Democrat to condemn violence and the leaking of elected officials’ personal addresses.  She says her family’s address and Senator Paul’s cell phone number were recently leaked from a Senate directory given only to senators.  A statement from Senator Booker’s office blamed "right-wing" outlets that took his remarks out of context.  A spokesman for Booker says his comments were geared toward activists trying to end homelessness. 

Nevertheless, Kelley Paul says she now sleeps with a loaded gun by her bed and sheriff’s deputies patrol outside the Paul’s Bowling Green home.  Senator Rand Paul was recently confronted at an airport by protesters over the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination.  Senator Paul’s neighbor was sentenced to 30 days in prison earlier this year after he assaulted the GOP lawmaker over a property dispute.