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Short Features

Throughout the day, WKU Public Radio and WKU Classical bring you several short features, produced by other public radio stations throughout the country. These features, while brief, are designed to expand your knowledge and enhance your daily listening experience. 

Marketplace Tech
WKU Public Radio: Monday through Thursday at 5:45 am/8:45 am/2:33 pm

WKU Public Radio: Weekday afternoons at 12:28 central during The Takeaway and Saturday/Sunday mornings at 11:57 central right before Barren River Breakdown.
WKU Classical: Daily at 9:58 pm

WKU Public Radio: Weekday mornings during Morning Edition at 6:49 and 8:49 central time
WKU Classical: Weekdays at 7:58 am and 12:58 pm

Loh Down on Science
Weekday mornings during Morning Edition at 5:49 and 7:49 central time

Composers Datebook
WKU Public Radio: Weekday mornings at 4:42 am central/5:42 am eastern
WKU Classical: Weekdays at 6:58 am and 9:04 am

WKU Public Radio: Nightly at 7:58 pm central/8:58 pm eastern
WKU Classical: Daily at 8:58 am and 4:58 pm 

The Slowdown (poetry)
WKU Classical: Weekdays at 5:56 am/3:56 pm/10:56 pm

WKU Classical: Weekdays at 1:58 pm