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DJ Johnson Concedes 13th District House Race to Jim Glenn

Kentucky LRC

Former Kentucky Republican State Representative DJ Johnson has withdrawn his challenge for the 13th district state house seat in Owensboro, conceding to Democrat Jim Glenn.

The race was decided on Election Day by a single vote.


Johnson previously asked lawmakers to pick a winner by drawing names or flipping a coin. The former representative told the Messenger Inquirer he hasn’t ruled out running again in 2020. Johnson said holding a special election would be a distraction for Daviess County.

Glenn defeated Johnson on Election Day by one vote, and was sworn into office when the legislature convened in January. But the Republican-controlled state legislature ordered a recount of the race at Johnson's request.

A review of ballots cast on Election Day ultimately resulted in a tie. The election board sent a report back to the House of Representatives, which would have had final say on who filled the seat.


Glenn's attorney this week asked the Kentucky Attorney General to investigate claims that Johnson's lawyer interfered with the recount by requesting the Daviess County Board of Elections review a ballot they previously determined as invalid.


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