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Lexington Council Backs Plan to Move Confederate Statues

Stu Johnson

The Lexington Fayette Urban County Council voted unanimously Tuesday to back Mayor Jim Gray’s plan to move two Confederate statues from the old historic courthouse grounds. 

But the issue of where to move the statues remains.

Additional seats were positioned on the second floor of city hall well before the work session began.  

Marilyn Dishman favors removing the statues of John Hunt Morgan and John Breckinridge from their downtown site.

“If we’re going to celebrate people who wanted to enslave an entire group of people for the rest of their lives, I have some serious issues with that,” said Dishman.

The resolution that was moved onto the Thursday docket, gives the mayor 30 days to determine the best spot to relocate the statues. 

Bill Swinford appeared before the council representing Robert Montague, the oldest living descendant of John Breckinridge, requesting that the statue be moved to the grounds of the old state capitol in Frankfort.

Mayor Gray initially proposed moving the two statues to a site in Veterans Park.  A final vote to petition the state military heritage commission for approval to move the statues could come Thursday evening.

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