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Beshear Announces Lottery For Vaccinated Kentuckians

Commonwealth of Kentucky

Kentucky residents have a chance at winning a million dollars or a full ride scholarship to a state university in a new effort to bolster vaccination rates. 

Governor Andy Beshear announced the “Shot at a Million” lottery for vaccinated Kentuckians on Friday, joining states like Ohio and West Virginia in efforts to bolster vaccination rates with monetary incentives  

“If you’ve already gotten your shot, good for you. You’re eligible. All you have to do is sign up,” Beshear said. “If you haven’t gotten your shot, go get it and get qualified for this amazing opportunity.”

Three vaccinated Kentuckians over the age of 18 will win a million dollars while 15 vaccinated kids ages 12 to 17 will win a full ride scholarship to a state college, university or trade school, including tuition, room-and-board and books. 

The state plans to announce the winners of the drawings on July 2, July 30 and August 27. Residents only need to have one dose of the vaccine to be eligible.

To date, 46% of Kentucky residents have gotten vaccinated. Beshear said he believes the lottery will improve that rate. 

“What we have seen in other states is that it has bumped them up, it has increased momentum. It also gets the word out a little more too,” he said. 

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Funding For Eviction Relief

Beshear also announced more emergency rental assistance for the cities of Louisville and Lexington Friday. 

Both cities previously received funding directly from the federal government; Louisville received $27 million while Lexington received $11.7 million. But Beshear said that was less money than they anticipated. 

Mayors from both cities had asked the state to allocate more of its federal emergency funds to help keep their local programs going. 

“This is part of our ongoing effort to help as many Kentuckians as possible with eviction and utility relief – landlords, tenants and utility companies,” Beshear said. 

Kentucky has received $264 million in federal funds for its emergency rental assistance program. The state’s Team Kentucky Healthy at Home Eviction Relief Fund has provided landlords more than $18 million on behalf of 2,800 renter households. 

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