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Kentucky COVID-19 Cases See Slight Decline

Gov. Andy Beshear YouTube Channel

The latest COVID-19 surge in Kentucky has hit hospitals hard. Doctors from around the state have reported that capacity issues far exceed previous surges. 

But on Monday, Gov. Andy Beshear reported that cases have declined for three weeks. So have hospital rates. 

“Next one, we hope continues at this rate, that’s the inpatient census. That is the real decline we have to see with our hospitals hit as hard as they have been,” Beshear said. 

But he said the numbers are still too high and continue creating issues for hospitals. 

Beshear announced the federal government will send teams of nurses to administer monoclonal antibody treatments. A map of locations with the COVID treatment will be available later this week.

“These are trained folks from the federal government that are going to come in and are going to take over doing those monoclonal antibody treatments that frees up just like we do with testing and the Guard, and the nursing student frees up other people in those hospitals to tend to patients,” Beshear said. 

But the federal government is still rationing monoclonal antibody treatments. Given the number of cases in Kentucky, Beshear says there likely won’t be enough. But if cases continue to decline, that would change. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended the booster for people over 65, people who work in crowded settings and those with underlying health conditions. Beshear said the state has plenty of booster shots. 

Beshear reported more than 1,700 new cases and 19 new deaths on Monday. The positivity rate is 10.55%, also down from previous weeks. 

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