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Lake Cumberland Hospital Giving 500 Moderna COVID-19 Vaccinations Each Week

Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital

Across the Bluegrass State, the number of COVID-19 vaccination sites increases each week, as Kentuckians continue to roll up their sleeves for the shot that promises a return to spending time with family and friends.

A hospital in Somerset has been on the front lines, providing vaccinations to area residents for several months.

Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital is currently giving about 500 first doses of the Moderna vaccine each week, in addition to the allocated second doses.

The hospital has given about 6,000 doses of the vaccine since December.

Chief Operating Officer Brian Springate said appointments are scheduled when the weekly allocation of doses arrives.

Credit Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital
Jane Holbrook, a 94-year-old resident of Somerset, was among the first in the Pulaski County community to receive the vaccine at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital.

Springate also views the COVID-19 vaccinations from the perspective of his  20-year career as a frontline healthcare worker.

“I will tell you, 'cause I’m a nurse too, it’s one of the few things I’ve done in my career where people are so appreciative," said Springate."When they get it, it’s like a big weight was lifted off their shoulder. You get some of the older people that come in and say, 'I haven’t seen my grandchildren in months.' You hear all the good stories.”

Springate said a high percentage of the staff at the Somerset-based hospital has gotten a shot so far. 

“Here at the hospital, we’re 70.3 percent vaccinated. So, there is not a lot of hesitation to get the vaccine from our people," said Springate. "Now did we see some hesitation at first from the community or did we hear of it every now and then? We’ll hear it. But honestly, I think as time has went by people have seen there’s not a lot of people that react to the vaccine, they’re more apt to get it.”

The hospital's COVID-19 vaccination appointment hotline at 844-675-3390 opens Monday mornings beginning at 10 a.m., and remains open until all available appointments are scheduled. 

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