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Gov. Beshear Announces Another 1,260 Cases Of COVID-19

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The state of Kentucky has seen another day with more than a thousand new coronavirus cases. From quarantine, Gov. Andy Beshear announced 1,260 more cases of COVID-19 Thursday.

Twenty more people have died. The youngest was a 49-year-old woman in Jefferson County, and the oldest, a 100-year-old woman in Daviess County. The positivity rate also went up to 4.94%, just under the 5% threshold at which heath experts recommend more restrictions. As reported by the Ohio Valley Resource, the true positivity rate may be even higher, because of issues with the data set the state is using.

“This is not moving in the right direction. And it’s up to us to stop these increases in cases,” Beshear said during his briefing.

The outbreak is particularly bad in western Kentucky, where a number of counties are now listed as red on the state’s coronavirus dashboard, indicating uncontrolled spread.

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A large swath of western Kentucky is now red on the state’s coronavirus dashboard, indicating uncontrolled spread.

  Meanwhile, many school districts in red counties are still holding in-person classes. Some superintendents have argued on social media that while their counties are red, few cases are found to be connected to the classroom. State guidelines recommend districts move to remote learning when the county turns red.

Beshear urged people to wear masks but did not announce any new restrictions.

The Ohio Valley Resource COVID tracker shows cases are increasing sharply

  Asked what the state is doing about the outbreak in western Kentucky, Beshear said he and health commissioner Steven Stack have “been in contact” with the local health departments.

“What all of our local health departments, including this one are saying, is they’re out there trying their hardest. And when they try to tell people that they need to wear a mask to prevent the spread, people refuse. Sometimes they laugh at them,” Beshear said.

A seemingly dejected Beshear ended his briefing earlier than usual, signing off after just under 18 minutes. His briefings usually last about an hour.

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