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New K-12 COVID-19 Dashboard Live for Kentucky Schools to Self-Report Data

The Kentucky Department for Public Health has launched a new interactive dashboard for cases of COVID-19 in grades K-12.

The site went live the week of Sept. 28 and schools are expected to self-report data about the virus.

State health officials want each school to update their information daily, including new COVID-19 cases among students and staff, as well as the number of students and staff in quarantine.

For example, as of Oct. 1, Greenwood High School in Warren County reported new cases among seven students and one staff member. 

As for the numbers in quarantine, Greenwood High reported 55 students and three staff.

The site also includes the number of new cases and students and staff in quarantine by school district. 

Statewide totals for student and staff cases of the coronavirus are also daily on the dashboard.

State law requires parents and guardians to notify a student’s school within 24 hours if the student tests positive for COVID-19. 

The K-12 COVID dashboard is online at kycovid19 under the “resources” section.

The state previously had a website that listed cases of the virus in K-12 schools, but this new site is interactive so that schools can post their own data. 

In addition, many indiviudal school districts in Kentucky have their own online sites with COVID-19 data.

Warren County Public Schools is one of the Kentucky districts that created its own COVID-19 dashboard.

Logan County Schools also have an online COVID-19 dashboard.

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