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Butler County Schools Begin Staff Vaccinations This Week

Butler County Schools/Twitter

Butler County Schools will begin COVID -19 vaccinations for staff on Wednesday.

The fieldhouse at Butler County High School in Morgantown will be the site for  vaccinating 154 school staff, or nearly 45 percent of the district's more than 300 employees.

Superintendent Robert Tuck said he got word from the Barren River District Health Department on Saturday that the state vaccination schedule is moving faster than  expected.

School district staff who will be vaccinated include teachers, aides, bus drivers, and cafeteria workers.

“Of course, it wasn’t mandatory that they take the vaccine, but they signed up if they wanted to take it," said Tuck. "We offered it to any employee that would be in and around students, or may be impacted from the virus.”

Tuck said he is one of the district employees getting vaccinated this week.

“I’m very proud of our state in the way they have rolled out the vaccine. I think some other states have had some issues, kind of hiccups, I guess you could say," stated Tuck. "But it seems like our state seems to be right in line as far as organizing and getting it out.”

K-12 school personnel are in Kentucky’s Phase 1B of the vaccination schedule, which also includes first responders and anyone age 70 or older. 

Phase 1A of the state schedule has been in-progress and includes residents of long-term care and assisted living facilities, and health care workers. 

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