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Daviess County Launches Newcomer Program for Middle and High School Students

Daviess County Public Schools

Some students in Daviess County Public Schools are taking part in a first-year program aimed at helping those who are new to the U.S.

The Newcomer Program is launching this year at Apollo High School and College View Middle School.

Students at other Daviess County schools who qualify for the program take a school bus to the Newcomer Program and spend the day there. 

Jana Beth Francis is assistant superintendent for teaching and learning for Daviess County Schools. She said the goal is a balance between basic English language skills and immersion.                                  

“They spend half the day in the Newcomer Program and then the other half of the day they are integrated into the regular school, where they get a chance to be with English-speaking students and start to get some of their core classes.”

The Newcomer Program is for middle and high school students who have been in the U.S. for less than a year. Francis said here are about 30 students in the first group.

 “One of the reasons that number is low is the International Center is expecting more refugee families coming in late September and early October. So we anticipate more students coming into that program.”

The program will address the individual needs of each student so they can master the basic core skills that will allow them to transition into general education classes.

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