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Owensboro Farmers Market Growing in Numbers of Vendors and Shoppers

Owensboro Regional Farmers Market/ facebook

The Owensboro Regional Farmers Market is showing significant growth in the number of vendors and customers.

One reason for the increase is the new permanent structure.

This first full season with the permanent pavilion offers shoppers a comfortable place to relax and chat with neighbors, as well as an expanded choice of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and crafts. The permanent structure opened in late spring 2018, giving roots to the market that began 35 years ago.

Jim Gilles, president of the board of Owensboro Regional Farmers Market, said the market used to have an average of 30 vendors, and now it’s jumped to 40. He said customers like the increased offerings.

“Seymour Farms in McLean County, they raise lettuces and kales, a lot of your leafy greens. They do a lot of herbs," said Gilles. "So that’s been a new vendor for us, and they’ve been a nice addition, because we’ve had a lot of people look for that stuff, and we’ve never had anybody that’s been able to provide it during the entire market season.”

On Saturdays, Gillis said the number of customers has increased from an average of 700 to as many as 1,200. 

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