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Owensboro Farmers Market Puts Down Roots with Permanent Building

Owensboro Regional Farmers Market

The Owensboro Regional Farmers Market opens for the season April 14.  The 34-year-old marketplace will soon feature a new look as it puts down permanent roots in the community.

The vendors’ tents at the Owensboro Farmers Market will soon be replaced by a permanent structure with a fabric roof. Construction is expected to be done by the end of this month on a rustic-style entrance building with cedar siding and a metal roof that will house rest rooms and a small service kitchen.

Bruce Kunze is vice president of the Owensboro Regional Farmers Market. He says the market provides more than fresh produce – it’s an important source of income for local growers.

“Last year we had a really good year," said Kunze. "We counted over 25,000 customer visits. And the market did probably $275,000 in business. That’s a lot of tomatoes and squash and ears of corn."

Kunze says the market is putting down roots.

“It’s be something that we’ve been looking forward to for a long time, not only for the vendors but especially for the customers. You know, it’ll be an environment that’ll really be conducive to going in and enjoying yourself and shopping and not having to worry about the weather. And then we’ll have ceiling fans too, so it’ll be cooler in the summertime than it would be if you’re just outside.”                 

The Owensboro Farmers Market was established in 1984 and incorporated as a nonprofit in 2003. It has about 35 vendors.

The market is located on property owned by Owensboro Health and has a 20-year-lease for one-dollar-a-year. 

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