Nickel Tax Approved for Daviess County School Projects

May 17, 2017

The Daviess County Board of Education has approved a controversial nickel tax to fund school construction and renovation. 

The nickel tax is the equivalent of 5.7 cents per $100 of assessed property value.  By law, the school system can use the revenue only for facilities. 

Assistant Superintendent Matt Robbins says the tax will pay to renovate Apollo High School and replace the 85-year-old Daviess County Middle School.

"Daviess County Middle School is categorized as a category five facility, which means it's in the worst condition of those in the state," Robbins told WKU Public Radio.  "Apollo is just the next rung on the ladder as a category four facility. The rest of our facilities are either in a three, two, or one category, which puts it into perspective."

Former Daviess County Commissioner Gary Boswell says he believes citizens are tired of tax increases and is considering leading a recall petition.  Robbins says he understands the frustrations, but adds the need isn’t going away.  Robbins thinks the longer the district waits to renovate and replace the schools, the more it will cost.

The nickel tax will increase the current rate of 64.8 cents per  $100 of assessed property value to 70.5 cents per $100 of assessed property value.  According to the Census Bureau, the median home value in Daviess County is $115,400.  That means taxpayers, on average, will pay $5.50 per month or $66 annually.