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Owensboro Schools Face $1 Million Cut Under President Trump's Proposed Budget

Owensboro Public Schools

Owensboro Public Schools would be hit with a cut of $1 million  a year if the proposed federal budget is approved.

Nick Brake, Superintendent of Owensboro Public Schools, was in Washington, D.C. during this past week meeting with the region’s Congressional delegation. He said he urged legislators to maintain critical funding for education. 

“We’re deeply concerned that this first budget proposal from the new administration doesn’t seem to prioritize an investment in education at all. In fact, it’s a devastating cut to education and that’s why I spent some time in Washington, D.C. this week to express my concern about this very issue.”

Brake said the proposed budget cuts would dramatically impact programs for disadvantaged students and those with disabilities.

He said most of those programs are required by the federal government under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. He said it’s a contradiction for the federal government to mandate certain education programs, while at the same time cutting funding for those efforts.

Brake said he is hopeful that Congress will push to make education a priority.  

“Particularly to supporting disadvantaged students and students with disabilities, and you know, Kentucky has a high share of that. We have a high share of that in our district. So we certainly want to do everything we can to protect the vulnerable and to help provide every opportunity for them.”

The superintendent said the proposed budget would also cut funding for some teacher training programs and  for 21st Century Community Learning Centers, which include before-and-after school programs.

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