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Daviess County Public Schools Upgrade Security with 250 New Cameras

Public schools in Daviess County are getting 250 new security cameras.  

Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations Matt Robbins said the installation of the 250 cameras at 18 Daviess County schools is not in response to any threat or issue. He said the cameras will complement the district’s ongoing training for an active shooter situation and other emergencies. 

“This is just another measure in the long line of things we’re doing here to try to make sure our students and our staff are safe.”

Robbins said it’s a proactive measure to upgrade an eight-year-old system.

“What’s happened is there’s been a revolution in the technology with cameras over the course of that period of time, a tremendous revolution, I might add, and a capability that you can view remotely, you don’t even have to be on site, and you can move  them.”

He said the cost of the cameras has come down substantially in the past several years. The price tag of $158,000 covers all the schools. The district originally expected to pay that much for about 70 new cameras in each of the two high schools.  The installation began during the winter break and is expected to be complete by the end of this month.

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