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Bowling Green Hosting Saturday Event Honoring Life, and Marking Death, of Breonna Taylor

Taylor family

A Saturday event is giving residents in the Bowling Green area the chance to gather in solidarity to mark the one-year anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s death during a police raid in Louisville.

The rally organized by the group Bowling Green Freedom Walkers plans to honor the 26-year-old paramedic’s life with guest speakers, coat and jacket collections, and a banner to be presented to Taylor’s mother.

Karika Nelson, a founding member of the group, says she’s seen some progress since Taylor’s death, but would like to see more.

“I think Kentucky, since this whole movement with Black Lives Matter and after Breonna Taylor, that it has opened a lot of people’s eyes,” Nelson told WKU Public Radio. “But just saying, or seeing, or coming to a protest is not good enough—just agreeing with the theory. You have to be able to change somebody else’s mind, or stand up whenever it’s not the popular thing to stand up for.”

Nelson says the Bowling Green Freedom Walkers have kept busy since they were founded last summer in the wake of the police-related deaths of Taylor, and Minneapolis resident George Floyd.

“We’ve actually put almost 12 families into new houses, apartments and duplexes. For Christmas, we fed over 350 families Christmas food. We sponsored 21 kids for Christmas. They got five gifts each.”

Nelson says her group is also talking with local law enforcement to limit the use of no-knock search warrants.

The event honoring Breonna Taylor is taking place at noon Saturday, March 13, at Circus Square Park in downtown Bowling Green, with the nearby SoKY Marketplace designated as a back-up location in case of rain.

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