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Bowling Green Housing Authority 'Envision Center' A National Model

Rhonda J. Miller

The Bowling Green Housing Authority has gained national attention for its programs, especially its Envision Center. 

A group of visitors from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development  and the philanthropic organization Scholarship America recently came to see some of the activities at the Bowling Green facility. 

The group included Michael Browder, deputy regional administrator for Region 4 of HUD, which covers eight southeastern states, as well as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Browder said Bowling Green's efforts have earned a place in the national spotlight. 

“I would say without a doubt it is one of the best Envision Centers in the country," said Browder. "It is actually the first one we did here in Kentucky. It is an example to be emulated throughout the country.”

The Envision Center serves all ages, with activities that include afterschool programs for children and projects for the elderly and disabled.  

Credit Rhonda J. Miller
Representatives from HUD and Scholarship America view a demonstration of the flight simulator at the Envision Center.

"Part of the value, part of the goal with Envision Center, is to bring federal partners into one place to be able to bring services to the community," Browder said. "And so this is an opportunity, we’re bringing some federal partners, the Department of Labor, and some others, some private philanthropic companies, individual foundations to come take a look at the project, come look at the center and see what kind of things can be done.”

Katie Miller, spokesperson for the Bowling Green Housing Authority, said it was the first visit by the representatives of Scholarship America. The purpose of this initial visit was to talk about scholarship opportunities for students in the afterschool program at the Envision Center.

The group visited other Bowling Green Housing Authority projects, including the greenhouse, cabinet shop and mobile grocery. 

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