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Bowling Green Residents Rally in Support of Impeachment

Bowling Green was the site of one of many rallies held across the nation Tuesday in support of impeaching President Donald Trump.

Kim Gross, a retired teacher from Calhoun, Kentucky, said she admires U.S. House members from swing states who are supporting impeachment.

“If this is not impeachable, then nothing is. You have to put the state of the country and the health of the country over politics,” Gross said.

Bowling Green resident Karen Henrickson was another one of those voicing support for impeachment at the rally. She said she’s worried about the state of democracy in the country.

“Democracy requires participation and if we don’t have everybody speaking about this and talking about this and acting on this then we’re going to lose it.”

Several of the rallies specifically called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to hold an “adequate” impeachment trial. The Louisville Republican said Tuesday that he wasn’t pretending to be an impartial player in the impeachment process. McConnell has accused Democrats of using the impeachment process to undo the results of the 2016 election.

The nationwide network of rallies was called Nobody is Above the Law. Events were also planned in Frankfort, Hodgenville, Louisville and Owensboro.

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