The Tennessee General Assembly Is Meeting This Week In Special Session: Here’s What To Expect

Aug 10, 2020

Gov. Bill Lee has urged lawmakers to pass legislation that would protect businesses from being sued over their response to COVID-19.
Credit TN Photo Services (File)

This week the Tennessee General Assembly will start a special session, and it’s expected to last at least three days.

Gov. Bill Lee has tasked lawmakers with passing bills that range from COVID-19 to the protests outside the Tennessee State Capitol.

The main measure Gov. Bill Lee is pushing for is one that would shield businesses from coronavirus-related lawsuits.

The legislature’s Republican supermajority is united in agreement that this is an important issue. But, before the legislature adjourned in June, they were at odds over whether the law should be retroactive.

The General Assembly is also expected to pass a new law that would spell out what would constitute vandalism and defacement, including the use of chalk on state property. This is in response to the ongoing protest in front of the capitol.

The special session will start at 4 p.m Monday. It will cost about $41,000 a day, which includes average round-trip mileage and per diem assuming all 132 members are present.