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Tennessee Crosses Two Big Coronavirus Thresholds In A Single Day — 100,000 Cases, 1,000 Deaths

Blake Farmer | WPLN

It took four months to get halfway to 100,000 coronavirus cases in Tennessee but less than four weeks to get the rest of the way. On Wednesday the state’s Department of Health reported 100,822 total cases, up nearly 1,800 from the day before.

The pace of new cases in Tennessee started surging at the end of June. The state hit 50,000 July 4 and crossed 100,000 July 29.

This month, transmission of the virus has become much more widespread with nearly every county over the acceptable threshold set by the Department of Health. That means Nashville and Memphis no longer account for such an outsized share of the new cases.

The lethality of the disease has not improved or gotten any worse. Roughly one out of each 100 cases has been fatal, basically since the beginning.

More than one-third of Tennessee’s total coronavirus cases, just shy of 39,000, are considered contagious right now. Active cases have grown almost every day since early June.

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