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New Bowling Green Mayor Says Service in U.S. Air Force Prepared Him for Office, Challenges of 2021

Lisa Autry

The city of Bowling Green is beginning 2021 with a new mayor for the first time in a decade. 

Todd Alcott was sworn into office in December after winning the mayoral race over two write-in candidates. Alcott succeeded Bruce Wilkerson, who dropped out of the race for re-election last year after serving as Bowling Green mayor since 2011. 

Alcott brings a military background to his new role. In an interview with WKU Public Radio, the retired Air Forice Lt. Col. said the skills he acquired in the military translate to running city government.

"I was never a flier. I was always in charge of personnel, people, facilities, manpower, and finances, Alcott said. "This is a government by the people. That was a government for the people. I feel like people are the same. We want to make sure our taxes, our revenue, go to the things that make us a better quality of life."

Alcott will begin his tenure trying to help the city recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. He says Bowling Green is in better financial shape than anticipated, following ten months of restrictions on businesses, but the road to recovery will be long-term.

While the latest stimulus package passed by Congress doesn’t provide direct aid to state and local governments, Alcott says communities are still being helped by relief to small businesses, schools, and individuals. 

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