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Union Calls For Investigation Into Pro-Bevin Emails Sent To Kentucky Teachers

Ryland Barton

The Kentucky Education Association is calling for a state investigation into political emails teachers in several rural Kentucky school districts received at work.

The teachers in at least eight districts received emails criticizing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear over the last two weeks. The emails went to the teachers’ public school email addresses and were sent from an unknown supporter of Republican Gov. Matt Bevin. Bevin has said that his campaign was not behind the effort.

Teachers are not allowed to use their emails for political purposes.

“Educators can’t use work email for political purposes, period,” said KEA President Eddie Cambell. “Some of them have been disciplined or threatened with discipline by this administration for their alleged inappropriate use of school email.  But that street runs both ways.  Educators also shouldn’t have to receive political email at their work addresses.

“If the Bevin campaign isn’t using the state-funded system to promote his candidacy, someone is doing it on his behalf. Either way, it’s the use of a publicly-funded asset for electioneering. And that’s just wrong.”

The union is calling for an investigation by the State Board of Education and Commissioner Wayne Lewis to determine what organization may be behind the effort.

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