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Bowling Green Rally Calls For Release of Full and Unredacted Mueller Report

Bowling Green is one of the places where activists gathered Thursday night to demand the immediate release of the unredacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

The rally was part of what activists called a “National Day of Action” intended to put pressure on U.S. Attorney General William Barr. About 12 people showed up outside the William H. Natcher federal building in downtown Bowling Green for what was billed as a “Trump Is Not Above the Law” rally.

Protesters called on Attorney General Barr to comply with the demands of six U.S. House Committee Chairs, who gave the AG a deadline of this week to release to Congress the full Mueller report and underlying evidence related to the report. Retired school teacher from Bowling Green, Claudia Hanes, said she doesn’t trust the summary Barr released.

“There are many of us who believe that the actual Barr summary that we got last weekend was not even close to what was the actual report,” she said.

Some of the protestors held up signs calling for transparency in government. Retired school teacher from Franklin, Sis Anne Ogles, said the taxpayers paid for the investigation, so they should see it in full.

“We’re just suspicious, very suspicious that Attorney General Barr is not on the up and up so release the entire report and we’ll make that judgment,” she said.

Barr has said he expects to deliver a version of the Mueller report to Congress by mid-April, but with certain parts redacted. He released what he described as a four-page "summary" of the report last month.

The House Judiciary Committee Chairman said he'd issue subpoenas for the full report if it wasn't released this week, and call on Barr to testify before his committee sooner than the Attorney General said he would. 

The New York Times reported Wednesday that some of Robert Mueller's investigators have said Barr failed to adequately portray the findings of the report, and that the results are more damning for the President than Barr portrayed.  

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