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Report Details PAC Spending by McConnell, Paul

Kentucky's two U.S Senators both have well-funded political action committees. But the two spend their PAC money in very different ways.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reports Republican Mitch McConnell spent the majority of funds last year from his PAC, the Bluegrass Committee, on national, state and local campaigns.

About 80 percent of donations to the Bluegrass Committee came from other PACs, instead of individuals.

The Senate Majority Leader used less than three percent of PAC donations for food and travel, in stark contrast with junior Senator Rand Paul.

The Bowling Green Republican’s PAC, called Reinventing a New Direction or “RANDPAC”, raised nearly 90 percent of its funds from individual donors, as opposed to organizations. Of that 90 percent, only five percent came from Kentuckians.

More than 85 percent of group’s total spending went towards operating expenses—including almost 20 percent for food, drink and travel.

Only about 10 percent went toward campaign contributions.

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