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Bowling Green Area Residents Rally Against Trump's Choice of DeVos for Education Secretary

A group of about 70 teachers, parents and other area residents rallied in downtown Bowling Green to voice their opposition to President Trump’s pick for U.S. Secretary of Education. The Jan. 30 protest was an attempt to persuade Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to vote against the confirmation of Betsy DeVos at her scheduled Jan. 31 Senate confirmation hearing.

Brian Pedigo of Glasgow said he listened to DeVos speak during a recent hearing held by a Senate committee he thinks she is unqualified to be secretary of education.    

“Well, the fact that she has never worked in the education system, she did not go to public school, she did not send her kids to public school. It seems to me that she is there simply to destroy the education department, not build it up and make it work for America.”

DeVos is a wealthy philanthropist who has spent decades supporting education reforms like vouchers and charter schools. 

Lynn Robertson of Bowling Green said she doesn’t think DeVos would guarantee students from all income levels a good education.

“I am not a teacher, I’m an artist. However, I believe in public education and it doesn’t sound to me like this person is going to support any kind of public education.”

The group marched to Senator Rand Paul’s office in Bowling Green, although he was in Washington, D.C. A spokeswoman for Senator Paul said he was unavailable for comment and has not said whether he will vote to confirm DeVos.

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