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Fort Campbell Steps Up Push for COVID-19 Vaccinations

Blake Farmer/Nashville Public Radio

Now that COVID-19 vaccinations are widely available across Kentucky, most people who want to be vaccinated are already fully immunized. 

But a decrease in requests has public health leaders stepping up efforts to encourage those who are hesitant to go ahead and get the vaccine. 

One location where that encouragement is taking place is at Fort Campbell, located on the Kentucky-Tennessee border.

The COVID-19 vaccination is not required for soldiers assigned to Fort Campbell, but encouraged.

Spokesperson Lt. Col. Kari McEwen said one way the Army post is encouraging vaccinations, especially for younger soldiers, is through educatio and engagement.

“So, we’re educating them not just about the vaccine, but explaining the health impacts of COVID-19,” said McEwen. “And then we’re connecting them with soldiers whose lives are forever changed after having contracted COVID-19 and are still dealing with lasting effects of the illness.”

McEwen said there has been one main site for COVID-19 vaccinations, but Fort Campbell has expanded accessibility.

“We’ve also put together this mobile vaccine concept where rather than the soldiers having to go to one location on Fort Campbell to get the vaccine, we bring it to them. So in other words it comes to their place of work. They receive education on the vaccine and on COVID. They hear from a few people who may have been impacted by COVID.”

The mobile educational sessions are staffed by medical professionals who can administer the vaccine if a soldier decides to be vaccinated at that time. 

McEwen said Fort Campbell has gone to great lengths to ensure that every soldier, family member and civilian employee has access to the vaccine, said McEwen.

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