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Help for Substance Abuse Treatment in Kentucky Still Available Amid Pandemic

Substance Abuse Gainesville

Some drug and alcohol treatment centers in Kentucky are reporting an increase in demand for services since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early March. Megan Escamilla, the Clinical Director of Addiction Services at Lifeskills in Bowling Green, said the pandemic may have disrupted recovery routines for clients, but resources are still available.

"There are many resources available, and regardless if it's their first time in treatment or their tenth time in treatment.  The big thing to focus on is that they're in treatment and this may be the time to get those additional supports they need in order to maintain their recovery."                                                                

The Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy recently reported a five-percent increase in drug overdose deaths in the state for 2019. Executive Director Van Ingram said COVID-19 is already impacting the numbers for 2020.

"The loss of a recovery community, of being able to be with people who have shared stories, shared situations which is so important in recovery and now you're stuck in your house.  So, yes, it's a problem," he said. 

Escamilla said it's important to remember that the disease of addiction is still treatable, even during a pandemic.  If you, or someone you know, needs substance abuse support services, help is available by calling 1-8338-KY-HELP, or online

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