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Bowling Green Set to Open New Health Clinic for City Workers, Dependents

Kevin Willis

Bowling Green is partnering with a Nashville company to provide health care for city employees and their dependents.

The City Care Center will open Friday in 1,100 square feet of renovated space in the city hall annex.

Mayor Bruce Wilkerson says the city expects to save as much as $125,000 a year in health care costs with the new arrangement.

The care center will initially be staffed by a registered nurse for 20 hours a week.

Dr. Jane Gibson will be on site 16 hours a week.

"We've tried to make the hours somewhat flexible to accommodate employees,” Dr. Gibson said. “So we open early at 7:00 in the morning one day, and we stay until 6:00 another day, and work through lunch hours. It helps get people in without missing work."

Gibson expects most city employees will receive treatment at the facility.

But she says patients will also be referred to specialists when necessary.

The Nashville-based management group CareHere! will run the new clinic.

Bowling Green will pay CareHere! $22 for each of the city’s 450  employees and their 1,100 dependents.

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