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Pharmaceutical Company Helps Train Kentucky Law Enforcement to Address Pill Abuse

A national pharmaceutical company is helping train Kentucky law enforcement on how to address prescription pill abuse in their communities.

Purdue Pharma helps produce some of the prescriptions often abused in Kentucky, including OxyCotin.

But company executives say that for the last few years, Purdue Pharma has been helping to train law enforcement officials on how to help crack down on illegal prescribing and abuse.

As part of a free training seminar, Purdue officials are once again in Kentucky helping health care officials and law enforcement address potential pill abuse.

John Gilbride, a law enforcement liaison for Purdue, says the company has frequently held the seminars in the state.

"We have been in Kentucky in the past, over the last several years we have done approximately five events," Gilbride told Kentucky Public Radio.

Gilbride says the company will continue to help Kentucky officials, like they are doing this week at an FBI sponsored conference.

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