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Bowling Green Corvette Plant Back in Business Following GM Strike

Lisa Autry

The Corvette Assembly Plant returned to full operations on Tuesday following a nearly six-week strike between General Motors and the United Autoworkers Union.

The plant is in the process of adding a second shift and around 400 workers to accommodate production of the next generation Corvette, known as the C8.  Many of the workers have come from shuttered GM plants in Michigan and Ohio.  Plant Manager Kai Spande says the transfers are undergoing several months of training.

“We have people that will be working second shift eventually here in the plant today, and they’re working alongside the people doing very similar work and they know what their job will be when we start second shift," explained Spande.

The current workforce of nearly 900 hourly workers will complete production of the C7 model of the Corvette within the next three weeks.  Starting November 18, the plant will have two or three weeks of down time to allow the assembly lines to retool for production of the C8.

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