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Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Urges Rand Paul To Support Federal Budget

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce is urging U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Bowling Green to support passage of the federal budget.

In a letter to Sen. Paul, the Chamber advocated lowering the corporate tax rate and simplifying the tax code. Spokesperson Kate Shanks said they wanted to make it clear that the business community supports making these steps toward tax reform, and the chamber is hoping the Bowling Green Republican will join them in those efforts.

“It’s our understanding that Sen. Paul has yet to commit his support for the budget bill so that’s what we are specifically asking of him,” Shanks said.


Shanks said reducing the corporate tax rate would allow Kentucky manufacturers and small businesses to grow.

A spokesperson for Sen. Paul told WKU Public Radio the senator wants a bill that cuts taxes for everyone and looks forward to supporting a plan that protects the middle class.


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