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Second Movie Lured by Southern Kentucky Film Commission in Production

Production of the second movie done in collaboration with the Southern Kentucky Film Commission is taking place during June in Hart and Barren counties.

The movie "Runaway Romance" is the story of a girl from Los Angeles whose car breaks down in Kentucky.

The filming at locations in Munfordville, Horse Cave and Glasgow has brought 65 actors and crew who will be in the area until June 29.

Chevonne O’Shaughnessy is executive producer of "Runaway Romance." She says the region has “the look” needed for the film, along with other advantages.            

“The tax incentives were great here in Kentucky. The people have been wonderful.  It’s been just a wonderful inviting atmosphere.”

Producer George Shamieh says the project has a big economic impact on the region.

“We come in and in about three weeks, we drop about a million dollars into the community from hotels, from restaurants, from cafes, from buying clothes.”

Shamieh said the relationship with Kentucky is getting deeper roots with each production.

“We want to thank the community that really has embraced us and we embrace them. We love the people,” said Shamieh. “I think we put a lot of excitement into the community and they give us back the confidence they are behind us 100 percent. And this is what’s so beautiful and that’s what keeps me coming back.”

Shamieh said "Runaway Romance" is the first story in a trilogy and he’s scouting for locations that may be used for part two. Locations in Warren County are being considered.

The first project that Shamieh and O’Shaughnessy produced in Kentucky was a Hallmark Channel movie that aired in February called An Uncommon Grace.”

The Southern Kentucky Film Commission was created in October 2016 by the Hart County Fiscal Court. The commission also includes Barren, Edmonson and Warren counties.

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