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Warren County 'Gamechangers' Look to Diversify the Local Job Market

As demands for racial justice play out in Louisville and across the nation, community members from Warren County are tackling racial issues closer to home. 

A new group called Gamechangers is working to bring African-Americans equal opportunities in the local job market.  Attorney Alan Simpson is a member of the group, and says communities can discriminate unintentionally.

“There is systemic racism everywhere. It doesn’t mean everyone is wearing a hood and burning crosses in people’s front yards, but you have to be thoughtful about your actions," Simpson said. "If you want to employ someone who’s African-American, then seek them out. They don’t necessarily come in and apply for a job if they think, 'Well, everyone is white and they’re not going to want me there.'”

In an interview with WKU Public Radio, Simpson said Gamechangers is a diverse group of local clergy, business, and government leaders seeking out qualified job applicants and pairing them with employers. He added that local data strongly suggests that much work is needed to be done to ensure minority applicants are given fair and equal consideration in both public sector and private sector job markets.

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